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68. You need to calculate the number of days from 1st January 2007 till date . Dates are stored in the default format of dd-mon-rr. Which two SQL statements would give the required output? (Choose two.) A.SELECT SYSDATE – ’01-JAN-2007′ FROM DUAL; B.SELECT SYSDATE – TO_DATE(’01/JANUARY/2007′) FROM DUAL; C.SELECT SYSDATE – TO_DATE(’01-JANUARY-2007′) FROM DUAL; D.SELECT […]

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67. Examine the structure and data of the CUST_TRANS table: CUST_TRANS NameNull?Type ————————— CUSTNONOT NULLCHAR(2) TRANSDATEDATE TRANSAMTNUMBER(6,2) CUSTNO TRANSDATE TRANSAMT —— ———– ———-  11 01-JAN-07 1000 22 01-FEB-07 2000 33 01-MAR-07 3000 Dates are stored in the default date format dd-mon-rr in the CUST_TRANS table. Which three SQL statements would execute successfully? (Choose three.) A.SELECT […]

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66. You are currently located in Singapore and have connected to a remote database in Chicago. You issue the following command: SQL> SELECT ROUND(SYSDATE-promo_begin_date,0) FROM promotions WHERE (SYSDATE-promo_begin_date)/365 > 2; PROMOTIONS is the public synonym for the public database link for the PROMOTIONS table. What is the outcome? A.an error because the ROUND function specified […]

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65. Which two statements are true regarding working with dates? (Choose two.) A.The default internal storage of dates is in the numeric format. B.The default internal storage of dates is in the character format. C.The RR date format automatically calculates the century from the SYSDATE function and does not allow the user to enter the […]

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64. View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the CUSTOMERS table.   In the CUSTOMERS table, the CUST_LAST_NAME column contains the values ‘Anderson’ and ‘Ausson’. You issue the following query: SQL> SELECT LOWER(REPLACE(TRIM(‘son’ FROM cust_last_name),’An’,’O’)) FROM CUSTOMERS WHERE LOWER(cust_last_name) LIKE ‘a%n’; What would be the outcome? A.’Oder’ and ‘Aus’ B.an error because the TRIM […]