TestPassPort 1z0-051試験 Q&A(105)

94. View the Exhibit and examine the data in the PROJ_TASK_DETAILS table.   The PROJ_TASK_DETAILS table stores information about tasks involved in a project and the relation between them. The BASED_ON column indicates dependencies between tasks. Some tasks do not depend on the completion of any other tasks. You need to generate a report showing […]

TestPassPort 1z0-051試験 Q&A(103)

92. View the Exhibits and examine the structures of the PRODUCTS, SALES, and CUSTOMERS tables. You need to generate a report that gives details of the customer’s last name, name of the product, and the quantity sold for all customers in ‘Tokyo’. Which two queries give the required result? (Choose two.) A.SELECT c.cust_last_name,p.prod_name, s.quantity_sold FROM […]