TestPassPort 1z0-051試験 Q&A(92)

81. Which two statements are true regarding the COUNT function? (Choose two.) A.The COUNT function can be used only for CHAR, VARCHAR2, and NUMBER data types. B.COUNT(*) returns the number of rows including duplicate rows and rows containing NULL value in any of the columns. C.COUNT(cust_id) returns the number of rows including rows with duplicate […]

TestPassPort 1z0-051試験 Q&A(91)

80. View the Exhibit and examine the structure and data in the INVOICE table.   Which two SQL statements would execute successfully? (Choose two.) A.SELECT AVG(inv_date) FROM invoice; B.SELECT MAX(inv_date),MIN(cust_id) FROM invoice; C.SELECT MAX(AVG(SYSDATE – inv_date)) FROM invoice; D.SELECT AVG( inv_date – SYSDATE), AVG(inv_amt) FROM invoice; Answer: BD 高い品質と高価値 1Z0-051 試験の解答 TestPassPort 実践試験の Other Oracle […]

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77. Which statement is true regarding the COALESCE function? A.It can have a maximum of five expressions in a list. B.It returns the highest NOT NULL value in the list for all rows. C.It requires that all expressions in the list must be of the same data type. D.It requires that at least one of […]