1Z0-985勉強資料、1Z0-985認定試験の情報源、 1Z0-985試験問題、1Z0-985フィードバック、1Z0-985学習材料

TestpassportはOracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud 1Z0-985認定試験の情報源を提供するための最良のウェブサイトであることが証明されています。
弊社のOracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud 1Z0-985試験問題を解決するための能力を向上させ、あなたの仕事の満足度を向上させるための技術の継続的な発展を活用するのに役立つです。


弊社のOracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud 1Z0-985問題集は候補者の大多数の重大な利益を提供するためにコミットして、候補者のニーズを満たすために自分自身の専門の心と経験を使用しています。
弊社のOracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud 1Z0-985学習材料を繰り返すことで、知識を把握して試験に合格することができます。

試験のタイトル:Oracle Enterprise Performance Reportingクラウド?サービス2017実装の基礎

Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud 2017認定インプリメンテーション?スペシャリストは、エンタープライズ?パフォーマンス管理およびOracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloudソリューションの実装に関する知識とスキルを実証しました。 この個人は、クラウドセキュリティの設定と構成、EPMクラウド自動化ルーチンの構築、EPRCS環境の設定と管理、レポートパッケージの作成、管理報告と開示管理の作業、EPRCSカスタムアプリケーションの作成が可能です。

もし、あなたは初心者若しくは専門的な技能を高めたかったら、Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud 1Z0-985試験問題があなたが一歩一歩自分の念願に近くために助けを差し上げます。
弊社のOracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud 1Z0-985試験問題集をまじめに勉強する限り、楽に1Z0-985認定試験に合格することができます。


Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Overview
Describe the report development and management lifecycle
Identify deployment use cases

Oracle EPM Cloud Foundation
Set up and configure Cloud security
Build integrations across systems and services – Integrated EPM Business Processes, Management Reports

Setting up and Managing EPRCS Environment
Customize setting up appearance and uploading additional fonts
Describe the EPRCS library and what actions can be performed
Set up EPRCS security
Explain audits supported in EPRCS – service administrators and users
Perform lifecycle management for different scenarios
Execute File Transfer Utility commands

Creating Report Package
Describe report package and its components
Identify report package design considerations
Describe development phases, roles of users and actions that can be performed
Create basic report package structure
Build content adding doclet and supplemental doclet
Build content using report package static and reference variables
Build content adding Excel content to reference doclet
Build content adding management report to reference doclet

Managing Report Packages (Workflow)
Identify reasons for editing report package properties
Deploy and manage author phase
Deploy and manage review phase
Describe performing collaborative and iterative reviews
Deploy and manage sign off phase

Working with Management Reporting
Describe management reporting and key differentiating benefits
Create and edit data source connections
Design report inserting a grid and create formulas and select members
Design report inserting a text box and use text functions to display information
Design report inserting a chart

Working with Disclosure Management
Describe XBRL use cases that EPRCS supports
Design best approach to Disclosure Management report creation based on requirements
Install and configure Disclosure Management
Set up Disclosure Management security
Update pre-packaged base taxonomies
Modify and extend SEC-based taxonomies using Taxonomy Designer
Describe steps to generate XBRL Instance Document
Perform mapping financial reports to taxonomies
Perform review mappings
Perform rules validations and troubleshooting

Creating an EPRCS custom application
Describe steps to create custom application
Design application framework (metadata and user-defined elements)

Using Smart View for EPRCS Report Packages
Install and configure Smart View and EPM Cloud extensions
Describe performance reporting processes supported in Smart View
Identify actions supported only in Smart View
Create static variable in Smart View
Create reference variable in Smart View

弊社のOracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud 1Z0-985問題集を使用すれば、自分自身を安定化させることができます。
弊社のOracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud 1Z0-985試験範囲の各技術をより掘り下げた内容となっており、奥の深い勉強が必要になってきます。
弊社のOracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud 1Z0-985試験資料は自分の知識と技能を高めることに助けになれることだけでなく、さまざまな条件であなたのキャリアを助けることもできます。
Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud 1Z0-985無料サンプルをご参照ください

1.Which statement is FALSE about the Author Phase?
A. The closing of the Author Phase is automated based on the status of the Doclets. Once all of the
Doclets have been marked complete, the Author Phase Is marked complete.
B. Doclet Authors are granted access to the report package when their Doclet is started.
C. In order to start the Author Phase for a Report Package, all Doclets must be assigned at least one
Doclet Author.
D. Additional Doclets can be added to the Report Package while the Author Phase is In Progress.
Answer: A

2.To organize the doclets into folders, how is this achieved?
A. Sections
B. Review Phase
C. Reference Doclet
D. Style Sample
E. Report Content
Answer: C

3.Which use case is suited for the EPM Integrated Business Processes feature?
A. Adding a link to an Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud (EPRCS) report from an Enterprise
Planning & Budgeting Cloud (EPBCS) nuvlg.it ion flow
B. Adding a link to an on-premise Hyperion Planning report from a report package
C. Adding a link to a Disclosure Management report from Hyperion financial Management
D. Adding a link to an Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud (EPRCS) report package from an Oracle
Analytics Cloud (OAC) dashboard
Answer: D

4.Which two statements are True about uploading TrueType fonts into Enterprise Performance Reporting
Cloud Service?
A. If there is an error with one of the fonts in a zip file, all other valid files within the zip file will still be
B. If the font file already exists in the font folder structure, the newly uploaded font file will overwrite the
existing font file.
C. TrueType fonts can be uploaded using either individual font files or zipped files containing multiple
TrueType fonts to the fonts folder In the library.
D. Without uploaded fonts. Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service uses a font mapping utility
that attempts to properly render the report In Word arid / or PowerPoint Doc lets.
E. The Application Administrator uploads TrueType fonts into Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud
Answer: E

5.Your package details are finalized for the month. What step would you take to ensure no updates are
made to the doclets?
A. Approve Content
B. Lock Content
C. Signoff Content
D. Remove Security
E. Remove doclet
Answer: A