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試験番号: 1Z0-976
試験名: Oracle CPQ Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials
出題数: 70
Exam has been validated against 2017 R1
出題形式:Multiple Choice
受験料(税抜き): 26600 円

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Oracle Customer Experience Cloud 1Z0-976出題範囲:

General Administration Functionality
Define Company and User set up
Use the Migration Management Center
Explain Homepage Flows, Punch-Ins, and Page Templates
Perform Bulk Uploads and Downloads
Set up users and groups with access rights
Set up Partner Organizations
Create Usage reports and Site statistics
Perform the functions of File Manager
Access various system Log files
Perform various functions on Parts
Set up Invocation Rules

Design the Product Structure (Product Family Hierarchy)
Set up Configurable Attributes
Design and Build an Array-Based Configuration
Design Configuration Rules
Describe UI / UX Heuristics
Describe the Order of Operations

Commerce Process
Design Commerce Pricing
Design Commerce Workflow
Design Approval Workflow and Notifications
Design Commerce UI and Access Rights
Design Commerce Rules
Invoke a commerce process
Describe the Order of Operations
Use Formula Management
Describe Customer-Specific Pricing

Document Designer
Create Document Designer (Layout, Elements, Conditions, Loops etc.)
Describe Language Translations
Design custom XSL Snippets
Describe Email Designer

Integration – CRM/ERP/REST APIs
Design and implement a Parts Integration (FTP / SOAP)
Design out-of-box integrations with CRM Systems
Design and configure webServices (SOAP and REST)
Design and integrate CPQ Cloud with ERP or other backend systems
Install and configure a CPQ Cloud Managed Package
Develop Environment and Testing strategies
Describe the CPQ Cloud ICS adapter
Design and implement an FTP Data Import

BigMachines Language (BML)
Explain and use BML
Explain BMQL and its use cases
Write and design BML scripts
Design Integrations using BML
Use BML functions
Explain BML Library functions

Subscription Ordering and BOM Mapping
Explain BOM Mapping
Implement BOM Mapping
Configure Subscription Ordering

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Oracle Customer Experience Cloud 1Z0-976質問と回答を使用するようにカバレッジは限り、100%合格率に達することができる、初めて合格保証します。

1.To add items (parts) to a configuration, Recommended Item rules are used.
Which two statements are true when using Recommended Item rules?
A. Recommended Item rules can return only the base price of an item (part) and cannot use dynamic
prices based off data tables.
B. If multiple Recommended Item rules recommend the same item (part), the item (part) price is picked
from the rule that is last in the order.
C. If multiple Recommended Item rules return the same item (part), the quantity of the item (part) is a total
of all quantities returned by each rule.
D. Recommended Item rules can show only the base prices defined in the customer specific module.
Answer: B, D

2.Which Configuration Flow would you choose to design a Configurator where attributes very based on
prior user selections and have a sequential relationship consisting of distinct steps?
A. Multi Node Configuration Flow
B. Search Flow
C. Master Start and End Flow
D. any Configuration Flow with a combination of Constraint and Hiding rules that meets requirements
Answer: A

3.Which two statements are true about the integration of BigMachines (without middleware) with external
ERP systems?
A. The ERP system should support exchange of XML data.
B. BigMachines can call ERP systems without using BML.
C. Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) can be used to build an XML request that is sent to ERP
D. You need two BigMachines actions: one to send a request to an ERP system and another to receive a
valid response.
E. Calling an ERP system does not require authentication of any kind.
Answer: A, C

4.Identify the object of the BigMachines Managed Package app that is used for initial setup and that
allows you to make changes to integration preferences in Salesforce.
A. BigMachines Quotes
B. BigMachines Site Setup
C. Filed Mapping
D. BigMachines Commerce Process Setup
Answer: A
Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/cpq_gs/FACIQ.pdf (page 53)

5.Oracle CPQ Cloud provides integration guides for some applications. Identify two such applications.
A. Salesforce.com
B. Microsoft Dynamics
C. Oracle Sales Cloud
D. Oracle On Demand
Answer: A, C
Reference: http://www.oracle.com/partners/en/most-popular-resources/cpq-partner-faq-2231083.pdf