Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud資格については、個人で受けるというより、会社に取得をお願いされるケースが高く、費用も会社もちである可能性が高いでしょう。
TestpassportのOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-324問題集は多くの時間とお金が使わないようにIT技術にも身につけさせてます。
高いカバー率のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-324勉強資料として、真実の試験と同じの出題内容で、受験者は気楽に試験に合格することができます。
弊社のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-324試験資料は自分の知識と技能を高めることに助けになれることだけでなく、さまざまな条件であなたのキャリアを助けることもできます。
最も正確なOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-324練習問題集を使用すれば、あなたがより良い知識を身につけることに助けになれます

試験のタイトル:Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials
試験価格:CNY 1077



Describe the primary Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service business processes
Configure System General Configuration Settings
Data Segmentation and Security

Explain data segmentation via SmartOrg
Explain the impact of user types
Explain the impact of user groups
Create, assign, and manage content elements using SmartOrg
Create and configure settings via Configuration Profiles
Recruiting Process Configuration

Define the Candidate Selection Workflow
Implement and contextualize the Candidate Selection Workflow
Implement and contextualize Correspondence
Implement and contextualize Advanced Search
Configure List Formats and Context
Foundation Data – Fields Files and Forms

Explain the relationship between Fields, Files, and Forms
Create Candidate and Requisition Forms and Files
Create and contextualize User Defined Fields
Configure Candidate and Requisition Forms, and Files for Mobile
Career Section Configuration

Describe Application Flows, Career Sections, and User Defined Forms
Configure Application Flow Elements
Design Internal, External, and Agency Career Portals
Set up the Career Section for Mobile
Prescreening and Screening

Describe the screening options available in the system
Design a Prescreening Questionnaire
Configure Disqualification Questions
Set up Abilities, Certifications, and Experience (ACE) Alerts
Configure Screening Services
Onboarding (Transitions)

Describe the high-level process types (Onboarding, Pre-hire, Offboarding, eOffer)
Create Tasks, Steps, Transitions, and Conditions
Configure Portal pages
Build a process using different assignees and task types

実際のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-324試験と同じで、これでお客様は自信をつけることが出来ます。
弊社のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-324勉強資料を使用すれば、1Z0-324試験勉強の内容を自身の経験に照らし合わせて学習できるため、理解するにも記憶するにも効率的に行えます。
弊社のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-324試験対策を使って、自分のレベルを高めるだけでなく、自信も高くなります。

1.A user wants to change the code (internal name) of the Input field of an Interview Scheduling service.
How do you configure this in the system? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Modify the code in Recruiting Settings> Screening Services.
B. Modify the code in Recruiting Administration> Screening Services.
C. Modify the code in the Requisition file under the Screening section.
D. The code is a read-only property that cannot be modified.
Answer: B

2.What are three reasons why you cannot delete a group from the system? (Choose three.)
A. All the group’s members do not belong to at least one other group.
B. A user is associated with the group.
C. An element is associated with the group.
D. The group is associated with a folder in Business Objects.
E. The group has the Reporting domain tied to it in Business Objects.
F. The group has a coverage area associated with it.
Answer: B, C, D

3.Your client needs to ensure that all candidates hired into the Accounting department take a mandatory
accounting skills test.
When constructing this Candidate Selection Workflow (CSW), what two steps must you take to ensure
that this is enforced for this job type? (Choose two.)
A. Set the user type permissions to allow recruiters to view restricted steps.
B. Duplicate the primary CSW and add the Assessment step. Save and contextualize this CSW to the job
C. Ensure that the Assessment Test step in the primary CSW is contextualized to the job type.
D. Mark the Assessment step that you added to the new CSW as Mandatory.
E. Set the qualifiers in this step to automatically collect the test results.
Answer: B

4.Your client reports that although their candidates often browse open positions via a mobile device, they
prefer to complete applications on a personal or desktop computer (PC).
For such candidates, which feature should be enabled in the system so that they can revert to jobs that
they saved during the mobile search process or completion on a PC? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Job Cart
B. Job Search Acknowledgement Message
C. Email to a Friend
D. Recently Viewed Jobs
E. Mobile Search
Answer: A